Saffron and Bear

Saffron and Bear is a serial fiction story about the adventures of a witch and her cat as they protect their home and their friends from something dark lurking in the woods. The story is complete and all 36 chapters are available to read.

Chapter 1: Snow
Saffron checks on some of her wards after a snowstorm
Chapter 2: An Evening with Friends
Saffron spends an evening with her favourite friends
Chapter 3: The Crow
Saffron and Bear host an injured guest
Chapter 4: Poison in the Woods
One of Saffron’s wards stumbles into something dangerous
Chapter 5: The Queen of the Forest
Saffron receives a special message
Chapter 6: The Stream
Saffron takes a long walk in a cold stream
Chapter 7: The Centre of the Forest
Saffron and Bear go looking for trouble
Chapter 8: Mail Deliveries
Saffron sends letters requesting outside assistance
Chapter 9: Spores
Saffron studies the strange mushrooms
Chapter 10: Ghost Stories
A newcomer to town knows a story that might help Saffron
Chapter 11: The House
Saffron goes back to the centre of the forest
Chapter 12: Midwinter
Saffron finds comfort in the darkest part of the year
Chapter 13: Unexpected Visitors
A parade of unexpected visitors come to see Saffron’s sister
Chapter 14: The Stranger
Saffron makes a new friend
Chapter 15: The Flood
Saffron protects the town... with a little help
Chapter 16: Interruptions
Saffron’s sister is finally talking... but is there anything to say?
Chapter 17: The Professor
Saffron visits a friend at The Academy
Chapter 18: Old Friend
An old friend leads Saffron to her sister’s secret
Chapter 19: Herbology & Harmony
A summery sisterly interlude for Saffron and Sage
Chapter 20: A Secret Revealed
Saffron gets a concerning piece of information
Chapter 21: Return to the Academy
Saffron searches for answers
Chapter 22: Blood in the Woods
Saffron tends an injury and learns another secret
Chapter 23: The Reset
Saffron wakes up to uncanny changes in the forest
Chapter 24: Party
Sage finds a way to stop Saffron’s worrying
Chapter 25: The Lost Goose
Saffron takes a new charge into her care
Chapter 26: Tea for Two
Saffron makes a house call and conducts some research
Chapter 27: A Royal Audience
Saffron and Bear have another conversation with the Queen of the Forest
Chapter 28: Spring Fever
With the arrival of spring, Saffron gets a new perspective on her problems
Chapter 29: Family Reunion
Saffron and Sage visit their hometown
Chapter 30: Old Friend
Saffron encounters an old friend in the forest
Chapter 31: A Summer Rest
Saffron takes a break from her troubles and the heat
Chapter 32: A Bat’s-Eye View
A night-time adventure leads Saffron to an unsettling discovery
Chapter 33: Family Secrets
A new face emerges from the forest with news from Professor Burton
Chapter 34: Bear
The Professor finally puts her plan in motion
Chapter 35: Confrontation
The Professor’s dark deeds come to a head
Chapter 36: Endings and Beginnings
Saffron celebrates the holiday with old friends and new