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New Year, New Story

Dear readers,

Happy new year! I hope that 2024 has been off to a good start. I’m kicking the year off with two short updates for you.

New Newsletter Service

I’ve changed newsletter providers from Substack to Ghost. Your subscription has been switched over to the new site, but things may look a little different and the newsletter now comes from a different email address. If this message ended up in your junk folder you’ll want to make sure to add this email address to your contacts so that future editions will go to your inbox. And if you’re trying to access past editions, you can click the button below to head to the new site:

New Story

The last email you received from me was the final chapter of Saffron and Bear. While I’ve loved writing about those two characters for the past few years, their story has reached its end and it is time to start something new. Beginning later this month, I’ll be releasing a new story called Clove & Moose.

What’s it about?

Like Saffron, Clove is a witch. At least, she used to be, until the Cataclysm turned the skies orange, left the land barren, and sucked the magic from the world. Now, she travels around cleaning up pools of corrupted magic left behind in the Cataclysm’s wake.

And Moose? Like Bear, he’s a cat. Unlike Bear, he’s really a cat. He’s not even a particularly smart cat. But he’s very, very cute.

Together, they explore the new world left by the Cataclysm, meet other travellers, and track down the corrupt magic to put an end to the chaos it creates.

Clove & Moose will be more “episodic” in nature than Saffron and Bear, meaning that while there will be an overarching story, the goal is for each chapter to stand on its own, making it easier to dip in and out of the story, or to pick up partway through without needing to read everything that’s gone before.

New episodes will come out monthly, on the same schedule: the third Sunday of every month. Episode 1 will hit your inbox on January 21, so be sure to keep an eye out!

Thanks so much for reading. I hope you will enjoy this new story.